PLR or Private Label Rights are a fantastic concept. Initially, the concept was  applied to offline stores and was brought online a few years ago. Several people claim to be the originators of the online term and process, but no one is totally sure who actually brought it online.

Think about your last visit to a supermarket. How many supermarket own brand products did you see and / or buy? Most supermarkets have pretty much every product available as an own brand product at a discount to the leading brands.

These are private label products. Yep, you can buy private label canned beans! It is actually an incredibly lucrative market and was invented by a company who were trying to think of how to increase their market share for their canned produce and then came up with the idea of allowing supermarkets to white label their products. They made a fortune and changed the face of supermarket shopping.

PLR Rights Explained

The rights associated with PLR products can be a little bit confusing. There are lots of different rights and no real standard. There is a loose standard, which we will discuss here, but even this varies between sites.

You need to pay close attention to the rights because they determine what you can and cannot do with a product. Whereas the legal enforce ability of them is dubious, there is a gentlemen’s agreement that these are stuck to for the good of all. Obviously there are people who flout the rights but they are usually blacklisted by marketers for doing so.

Where To Find PLR

Finding high quality PLR is a challenge, but it is out there. You may have to go  through some poor quality PLR first, but you will be able to find it. The videos accompanying this book show you some of the best places to find high quality PLR. Remember, the advantage of high quality PLR is it isn’t as much work to re-write it to create a unique high value product.

One of the best places to find unique PLR is the Warrior Forum. This is a forum for Internet Marketers and is free for you to browse. It has a section called Warrior Special Offers where you can find some fantastic deals…

Selecting A PLR Membership Site

Selecting a PLR membership site is a fairly big deal. You are going to be paying a monthly fee, often up to a hundred bucks a month, so you need to know you are getting your money’s worth. You also need to know that you will use the products you receive and you are not paying a monthly fee to fill up your computer’s hard drive.

When you find a membership site you are interested in, make sure you check  out the quality. If they have a trial membership, take them up on it and review the products to see if they are suitable for you…

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Making Money With PLR

There are many different ways to make money from PLR products. It is only limited by your imagination and creativity. This chapter will discuss some of the common ways to make money from PLR. You may choose to do one of these or many of them, depending upon your target market, the rights and your business plan.

Create An E-Book

This is the most common choice with PLR products. Most PLR products already come as e-books so most people will turn them round and sell them as is. With the techniques you will learn in the next two chapters you can make some changes to an existing PLR e-book and increase your earnings from it.

Create An Audio Book

Audio books are perceived as being higher value than just a plain e-book. You could sell the product solely as an audio book with a transcription (the e-book)thrown in as a bonus.

With our iPod friendly culture, many people love to listen to audio books as they can do other things whilst they are “reading”. Delivering an audio version will set you apart from the competition and add value to your package.

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Create A Video Series

Video is perceived as being even more valuable than audio, and many people love video these days with the wide availability of broadband Internet.
You could sell the product as videos with a transcription (the e-book) or you could sell the e-book with the videos as an upsell. Both of these work and it will depend on your target market how well they are received.

Create A Membership Site From It

There are many opportunities to create membership sites from PLR products. These could be training products or other types of membership site based around the PLR product itself and maybe other products.

Add It To A Membership Site

If you already own a membership site then you may want to re-write the PLR product and use it as content for members. Exactly what you do with it will depend upon the rights granted with the product and the needs of your members.