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Building website with PLR

PLR content is perfect for building content websites like blogs, AdSense sites, etc. Articles make it fast and easy to create large websites without having to spend a fortune to outsource unique content, and without having to spend a large amount of time coming up with article topics on your own.

You must make sure you edit the content carefully to ensure it is as unique as possible. A few years ago, this would have been simple using a content spinner, or you could have simply manually rewritten the content. However, it’s no longer that simple to make content unique.

Once, it was enough to make sure the content would pass a test at, which would check to be sure the wording was unique. Now that search engines are improving their technology, it is said that the uniqueness of the wording is no longer enough. Now, content must also have unique content.

The best way to accomplish this is to take multiple articles on the same basic topic and combine them while also rewording the content.

Materials used to build widgets

Process to build widgets

Choose colors for widgets

Process to paint widgets

You could create an article combining parts of both articles, and it would be something no one else would have. The information would be combined in a unique way, thus creating a completely unique article. You might include materials and building instructions from the first article, and sanding and painting from the second. You could even take this further by creating a second article with the remaining content from both articles.

Create with WordPress

Many people choose to use WordPress as the foundation for their sites, because it is a lot easier for the average person to use than creating sites with HTML, which requires some programming or a WYSIWYG editor like Dreamweaver. WordPress is valuable for other reasons, too. You can install plugins that add other functionality to your site. For example, plugins can allow you to include a forum on your site, run giveaways, and much more.

Additionally, WordPress will allow you to take your articles and pre-load them into your blog in order to set the content to update automatically. You could load months worth of articles into your admin area and schedule them to be published whenever you want. Google loves fresh content, and it tends to list sites with recent updates much higher than those that haven’t been updated recently. So you can use this automatic update system to push your sites higher in the search engines with fresh articles.