PLR Rights Explained

The rights associated with PLR products can be a little bit confusing. There are lots of different rights and no real standard. There is a loose standard, which we will discuss here, but even this varies between sites.

You need to pay close attention to the rights because they determine what you  can and cannot do with a product. Whereas the legal enforceability of them is dubious, there is a gentlemen’s agreement that these are stuck to for the good of all. Obviously there are people who flout the rights but they are usually blacklisted by marketers for doing so.

Some of the more common rights are listed here. A typical rights statement will look like this with lots of statements and Yes or No next to each one to determine what you can do with the product.

May sell at your own price

Quite often you see a right giving you guidance on what price you should charge  for a product. Price fixing, i.e. demanding you sell it at a certain price is illegal and unenforceable, so you can safely ignore those rights. However, it is worth looking at the guideline prices as it may give you an idea of the worth of the product. Then again, it could be overly inflated to make the product look more valuable to potential buyers.

May put a different name on as the author

This is a fundamental principle of PLR products. Some of them, however, don’t allow you to claim copywriter or ownership unless you change the product by at least 50%. This indicates that you can do so from day one with no changes.