Selecting PLR for Membership Sites

Another way to leverage high quality PLR is to create membership sites. There are two main types of membership sites you can create with PLR content:

1. Membership sites that sell PLR content

2. Niche membership sites

Membership Sites that Sell PLR Content

If you want to sell PLR content to other individuals with private label rights included, you’ll need to be sure every package you purchase has a reseller license. You can’t automatically assume a license will allow PLR to be resold, because many do not.

You’ll have to decide what type of membership site you’d like to run. You could either offer a small number of packages each month (or perhaps only one) and focus on quality, or you could deliver hundreds of packages and focus on quantity.

If you’re going to do this, read the licenses very carefully. Some licenses allow resale, but don’t allow membership sites, or they have price restrictions on membership sites.

Niche Membership Sites

Niche membership sites can be on any subject, and almost any type of PLR content can be used. You can add PLR articles to your membership site as general content. You can add eBooks and reports as downloads. And you can use video and audio content, too.

Niche membership sites generally have far less competition than PLR, because internet marketing is a relatively closed market. A large number of sellers are competing to sell to a relatively captive market, and most marketers are being offered dozens of PLR packages per month from various sellers.

However, niche markets are different. In niche markets, there is practically unlimited potential. There are usually few or no membership sites in most markets.

Be sure to include a forum in your membership site. Forums allow you to have your members create content, and they inspire a sense of community that keep members paying every month just to connect with one another.

Pricing Membership Sites

Niche membership sites generally have more members than PLR membership sites, but they cost less. Most niche membership sites are less than $20 per month, and many are as low as $5 per month. If you go above $9 per month, you’re more likely to get cancellations.

Remember, attrition is a normal part of running a membership site. The average member of a continuity program stays for 3 months, but you can increase this by keeping the price low and offering timely updates with quality content.

Always update on time, no matter what. If you are late updating, your cancellations will usually go through the roof, especially if you are longer than a week late!

PLR memberships can support a higher price point than niche sites. Many PLR sites are $97 per month or more. However, those sites generally have unique content that is extremely high quality and often strictly limited.

If you will be using content you’ve purchased resell rights to, you probably shouldn’t charge more than $20 per month, however, you can add value to the products you buy and charge more. You might create new graphics or add article packages, for example. This could boost the price by a few dollars per month.

Some people want to charge the lowest possible amount per month, but there are some reasons you might not want to do that:

Base your price on a happy middle ground between profit and gaining members.

• You might not get enough members to make the low price worth it

• You won’t make much if you limit memberships and have a low price

• People might think your content is junk if your price is too low

Membership Scripts

There are hundreds of scripts out there for creating a membership site. It can be difficult to choose between them. However, there are some that really stand out. >>

MemberSpeed is the most comprehensive and feature packed membership software for internet marketers. The cost is prohibitive for many, but it works well, has a wide variety of features, and it’s highly respected in the internet marketing industry. Check out the website as occasionally they offer special discounts and trials.

If you find the idea of installing a script daunting, and you’re not alone, you might prefer to use a WordPress-based membership script. Many hosting companies have Fantastico, which offers push-button simplicity for the installation of WordPress. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the complexities of script installation.

There are many WordPress membership plugins available. A great budget on to get started with is: >>

Taking Payment

You’ll need a way to accept payment for your membership site. Most people use Paypal, but other payment methods are available. I suggest PayPal because most of your members will either already have an account with them, or will be comfortable using them because they are so well-known and prevalent.
If you can’t get a PayPal account, try these alternatives: &